Krishna Kamal Flower: A Guide to Grow and Care & Buy Krishna Kamal Online

Krishna Kamal Flower

Krishna Kamal Flower: A Guide to Grow and Care & Buy Krishna Kamal Online

A beautiful & wonderful flower Krishna Kamal Flower or Passion Flower has a major significance in Hindu mythology. The plant has great significance when planted inside the home at the correct position. It is said to be the only flower that has included all the 3 major Indian Gods. So, today in this blog, we are going to tell you how to grow, how to care and some major importance of growing Krishna Kamal Plant at your home. 

The Krishna Kamal Flower is known by various names such as Passion Flower, Purple passionflower, Apricot Vine, Maypop, Wild Passion Flower and Rakhi Flower. Each name is connected with Indian Mythology. We will tell you about the significance of each name with the Krishna Kamal. 

You can also drop a comment below if you face any problems in growing the Krishna Kamal flower at your home.

Other Names Passion Flower, Purple Passion Flower, Rakhi Flower
Hindi Name Krishna Kamal Flower
Scientific Name Passiflora Incarnata
Krishna Kamal Flower Season in India July to October
Grown in Region South America, eastern Asia, southern Asia, and New Guinea
Plant Type Perennial
Temperature to Grow 15 to 32 degree Celcius
Sunlight Exposure Natural bright light for 4-5 hours
Plant Family Passifloraceae
Height of the Plant 48 cm
Popular as Passion Flower

When is Krishna Kamal Flowering Season?

Krishna Kamal Flower: A Guide to Grow and Care & Buy Krishna Kamal Online

The Krishna Kamal is native to India and is widely grown in nearby countries of India. The plant is said to have different benefits and different names all over India. The Krishna Kamal Flowering season starts from the month of July and lasts till October

The beautiful colour of flowers is seen blooming in the air during the monsoon season. To let the plant flower & grow in the monsoon season, you need to prune the leaves and stems of the plant before the season starts. 

The Season of Krishna Kamal Flowering can differ from place to place depending on the climate, sunlight, water and temperature to grow.

Direction to Grow Krishna Kamal plant - Vastu Shastra

It is said that if you plant the Krishna kamal flower in the east direction it will have a positive impact on the prosperity and wealth of your family. According to Vastu Shastra, the east direction of the growing plant will help in the growth and development of the plant also. 

According to Krishna Kamal Plant Vastu, the east direction is directly associated with Lord Indra, who brings good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness inside the home. However, you must remember that these are all based on traditional beliefs rather than the scientific rule.

Krishna Kamal Flower Story/Mythology

The Krishna Kamal Plant is famous for the story behind the religious importance of the plant. The beautiful white and purple colour flower are arranged in significantly different circles that it represents other God and Goddesses in India. 

There are five yellow filaments in the middle of the flower that represents the 5 Pandavas from the Hindu methodology ‘Mahabharat’. The green bulb that connects the filaments to the petals represents Draupadi. The purple colour radial elements or petals in between are said to be the “Sudarshan chakra’ of God Krishna and that is from where the Krishna Kamal got its name.

In Christianity, the Krishna Kamal Flower Strory is different. The filaments represent the crown of the Jesus Christ and said to symbolise pain during his crucifixion. Hence, the plant is also known as the Passion flower as it represents the sacrifice and devotion of Jesus Christ. 

How to grow Krishna Kamal Flower?

Krishna Kamal requires an extra amount of care and maintenance to grow at your home. It requires a specific amount of water and sunlight along with a good combination of soil to thrive in a home garden. Here are some of the requirements for Krishna Kamal Flower to grow – 

1. Sunlight Requirement

The plant requires at least 4 to 5 hours of sunlight to thrive successfully in your garden. Try to choose such a direction in your garden where the sunlight is available only for the first half. Try to plant the Krishna kamal flower in the pot so that it is easy to carry and remove during hot summers.

2. Temperature Requirement

The plant can be grown at 15 to 32 degrees celsius but a temperature of more than 25 degrees celsius is considered to be dangerous for the plant’s growth and requires an extra amount of care for its proper nourishment. 

3. Soil Requirement

The Krishna kamal plant prefers well-drained loamy soil along with some mixture of mulching or aloe vera for growth and nourishment.

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4. Water Requirement

The plant requires a lot of water to grow. Remember to water the plants once a day such that the water overflows and reach the bottom of the plant. The water must be provided thoroughly as the plant consumes a lot of water to grow. The water requirement can be decreased in the winter.

Step by Step process to Grow Krishna Kamal Plant

1. Through Seeds

The Krishna Kamal Plant can grow from seeds by planting the seeds in the soil and watering them continuously. The seeds must be grown before the spring season. You can buy the good seeds of the plant from various online sites or through the small vendors or gardeners in your locality. 

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2. Through Cuttings

Krishna Kamal Flower: A Guide to Grow and Care & Buy Krishna Kamal Online

The Krishna kamal plant can also be grown through cuttings from a fully mature plant. You can also prefer to buy a fully grown Krishna kamal plant and later you can grow various plants from this parent plant through the cutting process. 

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Cut about 6 inches of axial part of the plant and tie them with some aloe vera, vermicompost and soaked moss inside the soil. Water the new plant thoroughly and you can see new leaves and flowers growing out from the new plant. 

What to do if my Krishna Kamal Plant is not flowering? - Krishna Kamal Plant Care

There can be several reasons behind the Krishna Kamal plant, not flowering. The plant requires extra care and nourishment throughout its growth period and if you are not providing them enough care the plant can dry out or not flower. Some way by which you can start flowering again in the Krishna Kamal plant includes – 

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Krishna Kamal Plants are the best plants anyone can grow at their home. The plant not only brings happiness and prosperity but it is also said to be the best plant that has the blessings of God Krishna. The plant must preferably be planted in the east direction and provided with daily watering to grow and thrive successfully. 

If you are facing any other problem in growing Krishna Kamal Flower at your home, you can reach out to us and comment below with your problem. We will give you the most reliable and trustworthy solution by consulting our Gardening experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, according to Vastu Shastra, the Krishna kamal flowering plant is said to bring happiness, prosperity and wealth when planted in the East direction.

he Krishna Kamal flower’s importance are widely known to the people. Some of the importance include – 

  • The plant is used for making herbal tea which relaxes the mind and avoids anxiety.
  • The boiled leaves of the plant helps in treating stomach problem.
  • The fragrance of the flowers lifts up the mood & brings positivity.
  • The plant can also reduce allergic and bronchial diseases such as asthma.
  • The plant is also used to treat diabetes.

The Krishna Kamal flower plant is widely grown in Indian states such as West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

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The Krishna kamal plant has special purple colour petals along with yellow filaments that signify the Pandavas, Draupadi and Sudarshan Chakra of Shri Krishna.

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