A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Delicious Strawberries at Home in India

how to grow strawberries at home in India

A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Delicious Strawberries at Home in India

Did you know that Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen in the spring season and the foremost ripen strawberries are the sweetest? Yes, the strawberries we get at the onset of the spring season are the sweetest and most delicious. Therefore, to get the sweetest strawberries you need to sow them in the month of March or April. And, in this blog, we are going to guide you on how to grow strawberries at home in India.

It is really difficult to grow strawberries at home, but with some specific temperature requirements and climatic conditions, it will be easy for you to grow strawberries. If you follow our instructions, you can definitely grow strawberries at home. In this article, we have given you complete information regarding growing strawberries at home. Read the full blog and grow strawberries in your garden this season.

The Strawberry Growing Season in India

Generally, the strawberry growing season in India lies between March and April and they fruit & flower in the month of October to November during the spring. Due to advancements in technology and growth hormones, strawberry fruit season in India starts from the onset of June. It is also stated that different types of strawberries grow in different seasons and they require specific temperatures, climates and sun exposure to grow. The June-bearing strawberries are generally harvested in the month of June or early July.

Where is Strawberry Grown in India?

Where is Strawberry Grown in India?​

Strawberries are widely grown in the western part of India including Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Rajasthan. Through some specific modifications, some strawberries are also grown in Jammu. A large amount of Strawberries is grown in Mahabaleshwar and it is known as the strawberry capital of India. The red soil and the climatic conditions make it perfect for growing strawberries in Mahabaleshwar. According to India Agronet, Mahabaleshwar produces 85% of strawberries of the total production which is exported to other parts of the country as well as outside India.

Requirements to Grow Strawberries at Home in India

Strawberry is a special plant and it requires a specific amount of sunlight, temperature and water to grow. If you see the big picture, growing strawberries are very profitable in the long run. The Government of India (GOI) gives a good profit to the farmers for growing and selling strawberries. The strawberries are also exported to the outer part of India Like Malaysia and other nearby countries. In 2022, the demand for strawberries increased in Bangalore and some parts of New Delhi. Here, we have mentioned the requirements of the Strawberry plant in detail.

Soil Requirement

Well-drained medium-loam soil with lots of organic matter is ideal for strawberry growth. Also, strawberry requires slightly acidic soil with a PH range between 5.7 and 6.5 which is highly preferred. Runner formation of the strawberries’ stem often works best in light & organically rich soil.


Sunlight Requirement

Strawberry plant farm in India

Strawberries are indigenous to temperate regions. This plant needs just 8 hours of sunlight each day for 10 straight days in order to bloom. The plant doesn’t develop over the winter and stays dormant. The plant begins to grow and produce flowers in the spring as the temperature rises and the days lengthen. However, the strawberries that grow in subtropical regions can grow even in winter.

Water Requirement

The strawberry plant requires a large amount of water due to its long root. It is vulnerable to drought because of its weak root system. Early autumn planting i.e. growing strawberries in the month of March gives the plant some time to develop healthy vegetative growth before the arrival of winter. Most of the water is obtained from the spring season when the strawberry is flourished. If the strawberries are grown in some state which receives minimal water, the farmers provide about 1 L of water daily to each plant in summer.

Pest Resistant and Fertilizers

Strawberries are sweet fruits that are attracted by many types of diseases and pests. Some diseases like black root rot, grey mold, leaf spot, leaf rot, etc. damage the strawberry plant. Some varieties of spiders and mites also attack the strawberry plant and inhibit its growth. You must provide some pest-resistant which helps in avoiding the attack of fungal diseases. You can also limit the water supply to stop the growth of fungi.

One of the Gardener’s suggested that spiders, bugs and mites can be controlled by providing the plant with a small amount of Monocrotophos and Sulphur. The mixture is easily available in the nearby plantation stores of your location or you can also buy them online through Amazon and Flipkart.

Selecting the Right Variety of Strawberries for Your Location

Strawberries come in a lot of varieties. Royal Sovereign, Srinagar and Dilpasand are some common varieties of strawberry that are commonly grown in hilly regions. For North India, Pusa early dwarf is recommended which is smaller in size and requires less area to grow. Katrain Sweet is another variety that is mostly grown in outer parts of India. Sweet Charlie, Camarosa, Selva, Winter Down, Festival and Chandler are widely grown in Bangalore, Mahabaleshwar and some parts of Gujrat.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Grow Strawberries at Home in India

Strawberry plantation at home

Step 1:

Select the best type of strawberry for your location. Choose the type of strawberries that can be grown anytime around the growing season. These plants are harvested in the month of January to February. The only problem with this type of strawberry is that it is not very delicious to eat.

Step 2:

Consider choosing a different type of strawberry plant that can be harvested in the summer. They require little time to grow and give a delicious taste to the fruit. These types of strawberries give a large amount of fruit and do not bloom in any other season except summer.

Step 3:

Select a suitable container or place to grow the strawberry plant. The strawberries which are grown on land are advised to keep 45 cm apart from each other. If you live in the hilly region, you can grow plants in raised beds from the ground. If you live in a confined area, you can grow the dwarf size of plants in pots or hanging baskets. The dwarf size is known as Pusa Early Dwarf which is commonly grown in Northern India.

Step 4:

The soil must be of loamy soil which is the best soil for the strawberry plant. You need to make a potting mix of a 1:1 ratio. 1 cup of soil requires 1 cup of fertilizers or manure. You can prepare the soil mixture and add some small pebbles to your water for holding the water.

Step 5:

Start planting the strawberries in the pot or direct soil. Remember to keep the roots of the plant 1 inch below the pot. Remember to maintain the gap between the plants and water after sowing.

How to Care of Strawberry Plants in India?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Delicious Strawberries at Home in India

As much as it is important to remember the sowing factors of strawberries, taking care of strawberries is equally important. Growing as well as taking care of strawberry plants is very important and crucial. It requires a lot of maintenance and care throughout the year.  Some care tips you can follow are –

Harvesting Strawberry Plants in India

The fruit ripens in the plain areas from late February to early April and in high elevations like Mahabaleshwar, Nainital, and Kashmir, it is ripened between May & June. These are some important tips on how you can harvest, store and marketize your strawberries in India.


Strawberries are wonderful plants that can be grown in various parts of India. The strawberry growing season in India differs from place to place but generally, the crops are sown between March – June and harvested after the spring season. The climate requirement, temperature, water requirement, sunlight and soil requirement differ from place to place. In India, there is a lot of opportunity for expanding strawberry growing. The potential for income and profit from growing strawberries in India is enormous. India has excellent agro-climatic conditions that support the planting, development and harvest of edible and colored strawberries. You might anticipate favorable returns up to ₹ 8,00,000 against the amount of ₹ 4.6 lakhs if you follow the advice and factors mentioned above.

FAQ's - Related to Growing Strawberries at Home in India

The strawberries require a specific type of water, sunlight, climatic condition and soil type to grow. So, you might find difficulty in growing strawberries at home but by following the specific steps and requirements it will become easy for you to grow strawberries at home.

After sowing the strawberry seeds in your ground, you can see the sprouting in 2-3 weeks. It takes about 6 to 7 months to develop a well-matured plant.

Yes, you can grow a strawberry in the pot also. You need to remember the pot size and distance between the different flowering plants and the requirements of the strawberry.

Mahabaleshwar is known as the capital state of growing strawberries and the ideal time for harvesting the strawberry here is around December to February.

The strawberries in Bangalore are harvested between November to March depending on the type of strawberry planted.

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