Begum Bahar Flower Plant: How to Grow, Care, and Nurture the Queen of the Garden

Begum Bahar Flower Plant

Begum Bahar Flower Plant: How to Grow, Care, and Nurture the Queen of the Garden

One of the famous authors “Luther Burbank” said – “Flowers always make people feel better, happier and helpful and they are the sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” This statement is so true! One such beautiful flower is the Begum Bahar Flower. It is a gorgeous and fabulous plant that produces bright purple, pink, or white color flowers. The plant is widely grown in India and Pakistan and it also covers some parts of Sri Lanka. 

Apart from its beauty, the Begum Bahar flower is widely used for medicinal purposes. The flower is said to have specific compounds that are widely used in Ayurvedic and Unani for making certain types of medicines. Let’s know about the Begum bahar flower in brief. We have reached the local gardener to learn about how to grow and care for the Begum bahar flower. So, here in this blog, we are listing all the requirements of begum bahar flower along with tips to grow.

Other Names Lady of the Spring, Princess flower
Hindi Name बेगम बहार
Scientific Name Tibouchina semidecandra
Plant Family Milestones
Plant Type Perennial and Evergreen
Temperature to Grow 20 to 30 degree Celcius
Sunlight Exposure Full to partial sunlight for 4 to 6 hours
Begum Bahar Flower Season in India August to December
Height of the Plant 10 to 15 feet tall
Popular as Princess Flower

About Begum Bahar Flower

Begum Bahar Flower Plant

The Begum Bahar flower popularly known as Princess Flower is a small shrub or tree plant that is widely grown in South Asian countries. It is a native of Brazil and is also known as the glory bush or Lady of Spring. The plant has oblong, dark green, hairy leaves that can get up to 6 inches long. Along the plant’s stems, the leaves are arranged in an alternative manner.

The Begum Bahar Plant is a well-liked ornamental plant that is admired for both its lovely foliage and its magnificent flowers. It is frequently cultivated as a garden plant and as a potted plant for indoor decorating in tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Begum Bahar Flower Season in India

The spectacular, gorgeous flowers of the Tibouchina semidecandra are famous for being a vivid, royal purple or pink color. At the tips of the branches, the big flowers bloom in clusters. The plant generally blooms in either late summer or at the beginning of the fall. To be precise, the Begum Bahar flowering season in India is between March to May or August to December. They blossom for several weeks and then they undergo the fruiting stage. 

Requirements of Begum Bahar Flower to Grow in India

The Begum Bahar flower plant is widely grown in India and Pakistan. The plant requires a specific temperature, climate, water and sunlight to grow. Generally speaking, the begum bahar flower starts to flower two to three years after planting, when it achieves maturity. Large, brilliant purple blooms, measuring about three to four inches in diameter, are produced by the shrub. After the blossoms, the plant starts to undergo the fruiting stage. Let us Learn about the specific requirements of the Begum Bahar Flower to grow.

1. Sunlight Requirement for Begum Bahar Plant Care

To flourish and blossom, the Begum Bahar flower requires full to partial sunlight. It is required to keep the Begum Bahar flower for 4 to 6 hours in the sun. However, you can keep the plant in a light shady area during the peak hours of summer. 

2. Water Requirement

Begum Bahar Flower Plant: How to Grow, Care, and Nurture the Queen of the Garden

Water is preferred in the Begum Bahar flower plant as it is directly kept in the sun. You can provide water to the plant when the upper layer of the soil appears dry. Water the plant daily after sunset or before sunrise. The water requirement increases in the summer so remember to water it daily.

3. Soil Requirement

Begum Bahar plants require soil that drains well and is highly rich in nutrients. Well-drained soil can keep moisture for a considerable amount of time and is loose enough for the plant’s roots to spread out without restriction. The soil must be a mixture of loamy and sandy soil from the seaside. You can also add some amount of cocopeat and vermicompost to help the plant flourish and grow faster. 

Soil Mix = Soil + Neem Cake + Vermi Compost + Cocopeat

4. Fertilizer Requirement

The plant doesn’t require much fertilizer except in the growing stage especially from January to March. Spread the fertilizer uniformly over the soil so that it can flourish well. Water immediately after fertilizing as it helps to roots to absorb the fertilizers. 

How to Grow Begum Bahar Flower Plant?

Begum Bahar Flower Plant: How to Grow, Care, and Nurture the Queen of the Garden

After you have understood the requirements of the plants, it will be easy for you to grow the plants. It follows some simple steps as mentioned below. 

Begum Bahar Plant Care

Once you have sown the begum bahar plant at your home, it requires a large amount of care and nourishment. You need to check the plant from time to time so that the leaves don’t dry in the summer. Caring is also required for the plant as it helps in flourishing the flowers in the flowering season. Remember if you don’t take good care of your plant, the roots of the plant will decay and your plant can die. Here, are some points mentioned for begum bahar plant care to grow large amount of flowers.


Begum Bahar is a beautiful plant that gives a bright purple or pink color of flowers. The plants require an extra amount of care and nourishment to grow a large number of flowers in the plant. The begum Bahar flower season in India lies between March to May when the plant needs an extra amount of care. Gardeners also suggest pruning off the older and dried leaves of plants before this season to help in the growth of flowers. 

You can comment below and let us know if you faced any kind of problems while growing or taking care of the Begum Bahar flower. We will help you out with any method possible. You can also comment and let us know if you want to read about some other flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Begum Bahar flower is popularly known as Princess Flower or the botanical name of the flower is Tibouchina semidecandra.

If you buy the flower from the nearby shops it will only cost you INR 100 to 120. If you buy the plant online, it can cost you INR 150 to 200. 

The color comes in two forms. The original flower color is Purple and the hybrid flower comes in pink or white color.

Provide some amount of fertilizers having vermicompost and neem cake mixed together and prune the older & dried leaves along with the stems and branches to see the growth.

The plant can take 6 months to 1 year to flower as it merely depends on the soil, climate and the condition of the plant.

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