10 Wonderful Winter Season Flowers in India | Winter Season Flowers That Bloom

Winter Season Flowers in India

10 Wonderful Winter Season Flowers in India | Winter Season Flowers That Bloom

Everybody knows winters are on their way in India and it is difficult for plants to grow and thrive in the winter season without sunlight. Some of you may be looking for flowers that bloom in the winter season. We are here to help you.

In this blog, we are going to discuss a list of winter season flowers in India. These winter season flowers need a little care and you can beautifully decorate your garden with the help of these flowering plants. These flowers bring positivity, happiness and enlighten the environment around your surroundings. Let’s discuss some of these winter season flowers with names and pictures.

Talking about the winter season flowering plants, I have personally grown Petunia, Dahlia, Winter Jasmine and Calendula. These are the brightest flowers that give an attractive look to my garden. They require very less care and grow even in frosty weather. Most of them are pink and purple in color but Calendula or Pot marigold is yellow-orange in color. If you are a working person and don’t have much time to take care of your plants, I will surely recommend growing these flowers in your garden.

There are various flowers that thrive in tough and hard climates in winter. Some winter season flower names are:

Now let us discuss these winter season flowers with pictures along with their description which includes the scientific name of the plant, the common name, the color of the flower, the size of the plant, and their specifications.

1. Petunia

Winter Season Flowers in India
Petunia are the evergreen plants that grow annually in winters with bright purple, pink and white color flowers. Bright and vibrant petunias bloom from spring until winter and fill the air with their fragrant flowers.

Scientific Name: Petunia atkinsiana

Common Name: Grandiflora, Surfinia, Petunia

Sowing Time: September – Early November

Color of Flower: Pink, purple, White, Red and Yellow

Height of the Plant: 6 inches to 12 inches

Sun Exposure Time: 6- 8 hours of sunlight

Cost of Petunia Flower: The cost of the petunia flowers can range from INR 105 to INR 200 depending on several factors such as the location of buying the plant, the number of flowers and the size of the plant.

Petunias are beautiful flowers found almost in all gardens. They require fertilized soil and high exposure to sunlight to grow. The petunia flower requires very little care once they are fully mature to grow. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and varieties. Petunia is the best winter season flowering plant

2. Dahlia

winter season flowering plant
Dahlia are herbaceous annual plants with right lightning, water and sunlight. The bright color flowers of red, white, pink, yellow are the best part of winter season. They are widely grown in Indian homes.

Scientific Name: Dahlia pinnata

Common Name: Dahlia, Zinna, Daisy

Sowing Time: Mid-September to Mid-October

Color of Flower: White, pink, yellow, purple, crimson, red, black, light green

Height of the Plant: 15 inches to 6 feet tall

Sun Exposure Time: 5-6 hours of sunlight

Cost of Dahlia Flowers: The cost of the Dahlia flower plant can range from INR 30 to INR 300 depending on whether you buy the plant from an online store or the nearest shop.

Dahlia is the best annual plant that is grown throughout the year. It does not require sunlight and can thrive in shady regions also. The flowers are of beautiful colors and come with an aromatic smell. Dahlia is mostly grown in the northern part of India almost in every home.

3. Winter Jasmine

winter season flowers
Winter Jasmine are one of the most common plant to bloom in the month of December and January. The bright yellow color of flowers give a life to your garden in winter season.

Scientific Name: Jasminum nudiflorum

Common Name: Jasmine, Yasmin, Primrose, Chameli, Bela

Sowing Time: Early spring (March-May)

Color of Flower: Yellow, White

Height of the Plant: 10 -15 feet or as per requirement

Sun Exposure Time: 7- 8 hours of sunlight

Cost of Winter Jasmine Flower: Winter Jasmine flowers are a little bit costlier plants. The cost of the plant ranges between INR 100 to INR 500.

Winter Jasmine is a beautiful bright yellow color flowering plant that has fountain-like petals that grow in bushy shrubs. It requires a lot of care and sunlight to flourish in the winter. Winter Jasmine is widely grown in India, especially in Ajmer, Jaunpur, Himachal Pradesh and some other parts of North India.

4. Snapdragon

winter season flower in India
Snapdragons are a popular garden plant that starts blooming in the spring season. It requires total sun exposure to grow and flower. The plant is mid-sized and provides excellent seasonal color to your garden.

Scientific Name: Antirrhinum majus

Common Name: Dog-flower, Shwanmukh, Snapdragon

Sowing Time: September- October

Color of Flower: Lemon yellow, Light-Pink, White, Red, Orange

Height of the Plant: 6-15 inches tall

Sun Exposure Time: 6 hours of direct sunlight

Cost of Snapdragon Flower: The cost of Snapdragon Flower ranges between INR 140 to INR 190 depending upon the plant’s quality.

Snapdragons are perennial plants that flower annually during winter. The leaves are lanced shaped and the flowers are tubular cone-shaped. The flower of Snapdragons requires a high amount of sunlight and good soil to flourish fully.

5. Alyssum

winter season flower name Alyssum
The white, pink and purple alyssum flowers provide extreme fragrance in the winter. The flowers even grow in the frost and snow which are grown for bedding. They form a beautiful hedge in the garden.

Scientific Name: Alyssum maritimum, Lobularia maritima

Common Name: Basket of Gold, Sweet Alyssum, Carpet flower,

Sowing Time: September to October

Color of Flower: White, Red, pink and Purple

Height of the Plant: 3-9 inches of bushes

Sun Exposure Time: 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight

Cost of Alyssum Flower: Alyssum is an expensive flower that ranges between INR 280 to INR 400.

Alyssum are beautiful plants that are grown as hedges. These winter season flowering plants are easy to maintain, care and grow. These are the best plants that can thrive in cold as well as warm temperatures. Alyssum can grow in the rainy season too and blossom till autumn.

6. Nasturtium (Jalkumbhi)

winter season flowering plant
Nasturtium is a bright color flowering plant that flowers annually and is mostly edible. They have rounded leaves and bright flowers which give a beautiful look to the landscape.

Scientific Name: Tropaeolum majus

Common Name: Jalkumbhi, Nose-twister, Empress of India

Sowing Time: March to May

Color of Flower: Creamy yellow, bright red, pink and purple

Height of the Plant: 2- 3 feet but can grow up to 12 feet

Sun Exposure Time: 6-8 hours of full sunlight

Cost of Nasturtium Flowers: The cost of Nasturtium widely depends on the variety of Nasturtium which ranges between INR 140 to INR 250.

Nasturtium is a type of flower that is edible. Even the leaves of this plant are edible. They flourish well in rich soil and produce vibrant dark-colored flowers. The flower is grown in Columbia, Bolivia, and Peru. In India, they are grown in the Himalayan regions and the northern part.

7. Calendula (Marigold)

Winter Season Flowers in India
Calendula is a beautiful bright yellow and orange color flower that is popularly known as Pot-Marigold in India. The leaves and petals are used in different food products for flavor enhancement and color.

Scientific Name: Calendula officinalis

Common Name: Pot-Marigold, Genda, Garden-Marigold

Sowing Time: Early spring (March-May)

Color of Flower: Yellow-orange flower, deep orange, red

Height of the Plant: 1-3 feet tall

Sun Exposure Time: 4- 8 hours of sunlight

Cost of Calendula Flower: This is the most affordable winter flower that is purchased by most Indians. The cost of Calendula is INR 50.

Calendula or Marigolds are ornamental plants that are widely grown in the Indian continent. It is the best winter season flower which is also used in salads. The oil of Calendula is used for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that heal wounds and relieve skin from rashes.

8. Daffodils

winter season flower with name and picture Daffodils
Daffodils are the easiest plant to grow that flower in spring to winter. They multiply and propagate easily and bloom in the different winter seasons.

Scientific Name: Narcissus

Common Name: Nargis, Lent lily, Narcissus

Sowing Time: September- November

Color of Flower: white, pink, orange, and yellow

Height of the Plant: 1-2 feet

Sun Exposure Time: At least 6 hours

Cost of Daffodil Flower: The cost of one Daffodil can cost INR 80 when purchased from nearby shops but it can reach up to INR 500.

Daffodils are beautiful flowers having a long stalk in the middle of the white or yellow color flowers. Daffodils grow well during the late winters and require high exposure of sunlight. These plants are easy to grow and require very less care.

9. Sweet Pea

Winter Season Flowers That Bloom in India
Sweet pea flowers are long petal flowers that symbolize kindness. They can bloom in the winter season if you plant them around November. They are widely cultivated because of their fragrance and color.

Scientific Name: Lathyrus odoratus

Common Name: Sweet Pea

Sowing Time:  September -October

Color of Flower: Pink, pastel, white, navy blue, crimson red

Height of the Plant: 3-6 feet tall

Sun Exposure Time: Full sun (7-8 hours of sunlight)

Cost of Sweet Pea Flowers: The cost of Sweet pea flower ranges between INR 120 to INR 170 depending upon its quantity.

Sweet Pea is an annual fragrant flowering plant that is climbers. The flowers flourish even in the coldest weather. These are ornamental flowering plants that are widely used in Indian homes for decoration.

10. Zinnia

White zinnia is cultivated to embark on the beginning of friendships & love for lasting affection forever. Zinnia flowers are long-lasting bright colored flowers that bloom even in frost.

Scientific Name: Zinnia

Common Name: Zinn, Zinnia

Sowing Time: February-March

Color of Flower: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, or lilac

Height of the Plant: 1-3 feet tall

Sun Exposure Time: 6-8 hours of sunlight

Cost of Zinnia Flower: The cost of a Zinnia flower starts from INR 70 and can go up to INR 150 depending upon the bud quantity.

Zinnia has a variety of colors of flowers that flourish every year in the winter season. The flowers are drought-tolerant and can even grow in poor soil. The vibrant colors of the Zinnia look appealing and produce a strong fragrance.

How to take care of Winter season flowering plants in India?

Plants that grow in the winter season which is from October to February require extra care and nourishment to grow and thrive in the coldest weather in India. You need to remember certain points to take care of your flowering plants.

Here, we have mentioned some care tips for how you can take care of winter-season flowers

  • Always prune your foliage before winter as it can cause heavy damage to plants and won’t let them grow easily.
  • Try to keep each of your winter season flower plants in some sunlight so that they can get 2 hours of sunlight.
  • Water less to your flowering plant in winter as they consume less water and excess water can spoil the growth of the plant.
  • Always provide the plant with a small amount of fertilizer for organic manure before the winter starts. You can always make compost at home by adding tea leaves, aloe Vera, cow dung and some amount of growth hormone. Remember not to fertilize the plant during the winter. Either do it before winter or after it.
  • Keep your indoor plants away from heaters or ovens as the cold-hot temperature may damage the plants more.
  • Check out the soil and leaves of your plants as they might catch some insects or pests.

Growing and taking care of winter season flowers in India is difficult and requires a little extra attention. Decorate your home with these beautiful flowering plants in winter and bring freshness and cheerfulness to your home.

FAQ's - Winter Season Flowers in India

The best flowers that should be planted in the winter season are petunia, alyssum, dahlia, winter jasmine and daffodils.

In the winter season flowering plants are grown in the month of September to October so that they flourish during the whole winter.

Yes, there are several plants that are grown in the winter season such as alyssum, petunia, snapdragon, sweet pea, etc.

It is recommended not to sown flowering plants in winter. Either do it prior to the winter season or after that. 7 degrees Celsius or 45 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for the plants to grow in India.

If you live in an area where it frosts so you can cover your plants with cardboard boxes and comforters for the large plants and shrubs. Newspapers and bedsheets are the best for small plants and herbs.

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