Snake Plant Benefits You Must Definitely Know | Bring 8 Virtues of Life To Your Home

Snake Plant Benefits You Must Definitely Know | Bring 8 Virtues of Life To Your Home

There is various plant that is grown indoors for bringing positivity and luck to your home. But do you know some of these plants also provide health benefits and oxygen? Yes, some indoor plants provide us with attractive fragrances along with bringing oxygen to our homes. One of these plants is the Snake plant. So, today in this blog we are going to describe Snake plant Specifications and Snake Plant Benefits.

Save Earth Life visited a lot of garden caretakers and nurserymen to ask about the best handy plants that are kept inside the home. Snake Plant is one such plant that is grown indoors and has several benefits. Here, we are sharing some common benefits of snake plants that are shared by the nurserymen.

The snake plant is a common house plant that is widely grown in Asia and Africa. The snake plant is widely popular among the Indian states too. The plant has beautiful vibrant green color shades. It is found in yellow, light green, dark green and yellow-green colors.

The snake plant is not only limited to its alluring beauty but also provides us with several health benefits when they are planted inside the house. These snake plants are easy to grow and do not require much sunlight. The snake plant is beautifully decorated in offices and homes. But it is advised to keep snake plants away from children as they can swallow the leaves of the plant which are considered injurious to health.

The long and slender leaves of the Snake plants can grow even without sunlight. Even small indirect sunlight of 4 to 5 hours nourishes the plants and helps them grow. The plants can also grow in moist and humid environments with little requirement of water.

Caution: Do not swallow or eat the Snake plant leaves, it is injurious to health.

Snake Plant Specifications

Other Names Viper's bowstring hemp, Mother-in-law’s tongue
Hindi Name Hahnii
Scientific Name Dracaena trifasciata
Plant family Asparagaceae
Grown in Region Africa, Europe, Asia
Plant Type Perennial & Evergreen
Temperature to grow 16 to 24 degree Celsius
Sunlight Exposure Less than 5 hours of direct sunlight
Flowering Season During Springtime
Height of the Plant 6 inches to several feet
Popular as Mother-in-law’s tongue

What are snake plant benefits?

Snake Plant Benefits in Hindi

Snake plants are considered the best medical plants which are planted inside the house. The snake plants come in several types depending on the shape, size and leaf pattern of the plant. Some have long leaves, some have circular leaves and some have different colors than usual. There are various benefits of Snake Plants at home, some benefits include – 

1. Snake plant act as the best air-purifier

The great team at NASA researched different plants and concluded that Snake Plant is considered the best home air purifier plant. Recently used paint, thinners, cosmetic products, and smoking increase the toxic substances and chemicals in the environment. The plant absorbs benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and trichloroethylene. These chemicals can result in eye irritation, dizziness, headache, depression, anxiety, nausea and vomiting.

The snake plant absorbs these toxic substances and brings out clean air. The plant further cleans the air at night. It brings out a healthy environment and people can feel fresh and energetic when they wake up.

2. Snake Plant is used as home décor

Apart from being a great air purifier, snake plants are widely used for home decoration purposes. The beautiful colors of the leaves give a lively effect to your home or office area. The plants are decorated on the home desk and furniture to bring an energetic effect to the plant.

The bright color of yellow-green plants is kept on the darker side of the room to give the place an attractive view. The plants are easy to grow and care so you can grow them in any corner of the house.

3. Brings Better Sleep

Many people among us find it difficult to sleep at night. Everybody has a lot of work to complete before going to sleep and this problem creates a disturbance in the sleeping cycle. Some of you might experience headaches, or eye irritation or do not feel comfortable when you go to sleep.

Snake Plant is an air-purifier plant that gives oxygen even at night time. This is one of the major benefits of keeping snake plants in the bedroom. It reduces the tension in the room and reduces CO2 levels which is one of the causes of lack of sleep. The snake plant brings out a comfortable and better quality of sleep.

4. Fight against Allergies

If you suffer from certain airborne allergies, Snake plants are the best thing you can have in your home that fight against certain allergies. The snake plant absorbs all the toxic substances and pollutants from the air. As there will be fewer toxic substances in the air, there is less chance of allergies.

It reduces the dust and pollen grains inside the home making it comfortable for people to live inside the home. The snake plant reduces sore throat, stuffy nose, headaches and several respiratory allergies when they are kept inside the home or near the bed.

5. Mental health Benefits

One of the major benefits of the Snake plant is in reducing mental health issues. Many problems all around the world are experiencing stress, pressure, anxiety and depression. The snake plant helps in reducing these mental health issues bringing positivity and freshness inside the home or workplace.

Stress and anxiety majorly affect a person’s way of living. People stay irritated and tired all day long if they are stressed after waking up. Snake plant brings calmness and happiness inside the workplace or home. It is considered the best mood-lifter plant.

6. Easy to grow and propagate

Propagating is a simple process in which new plants are borne through seeds, cutting, or other methods. If you are thinking of buying new plants but don’t want to invest money in buying, so you can prefer going for Propagation.

The snake plant is easy to propagate. You can propagate several plants from one mature plant. They do not require much care or pesticides and insecticides to grow. Propagation of the Snake plant can be done through small buds of the plant or directly by cutting the leaves of the plant.

7. Tolerates high humidity

One of the major benefits of snake plants is that they can also thrive in high humidity inside your house. Remember not to provide a lot of water to your plant. Keep your plant dry and provide water only if the soil appears too dry from the above. This benefit of the snake plant helps to keep it in any corner of the home.

8. Brings good luck

In the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, the snake plant is specially mentioned as a plant that brings good luck. It is said that one who takes care of the snake plant is blessed with eight virtues of life that include prosperity, intelligence, beauty, art, health, long life and strength.

According to Feng Shui, the plant must be kept in an area where people generally fight or argue. Snake plant benefits as per Vastu Shastra involve high success and growth in life when it is planted in the Southeast direction.

9. Requires less light exposure

Snake Plant is an indoor plant, so they can tolerate even a low amount of sunlight. The plant can grow and thrive even if it gets 2 hours of sunlight a day or no sunlight. But try to give the plant at least a few hours of sunlight every month. Keep the plant out in the sunlight for 2-3 days every month so that it gets enough sunlight. It can easily grow even in the darkest places.

10. Pest resistant

As discussed above snake plant requires less water so, there is less chance of developing pest such as fungus or gnats inside the plant. You also need not provide much manure or growth hormones to the plant. It has the self-ability to grow. It is a little bit poisonous to bugs, so there is the least chance that bugs may attack your snake plant.

How to propagate snake plant? (Growing New Plant)

How to grow Snake Plant in Hindi

Easy steps to take care of snake plant inside the house

Snake Plant in Hindi

As suggested by plant keepers and gardeners, follow some easy steps to take care of your plant at home-

Story of Manu Kumar – Overcame Insomnia with Snake Plant

Save Earth life is connected with several common people asking about the benefits of plants they grow. We found a humble man living at Friends Colony in Faridabad. After having a conversation with him, we got to know how the Snake plant has benefited him. He told Save Earth life, that his daughter was unable to sleep at night and after consulting some doctors his daughter started consuming medicines to sleep peacefully at night.

But medicines are not good for health if consumed for a longer time. he contacted several other doctors and found one doctor who suggested him to keep some home purifier plants in his daughter’s room. Along with the Snake plant, he kept areca palm, tulsi, cactus, and peace lily in his daughter’s room. After a few weeks, he observed that his daughter was able to sleep on her own without consuming medicines.

He also says that yes, god has created some miracles in flora and fauna. Sometimes, Ayurveda and plant remedies are better than medicines. He has also bought several other plants such as aloe vera, thuja plant, ficus, bonsai, and bamboo plants inside his house.


Snake plants are the best plant suggested by Gardner to keep in the home or workplace. They are easy to maintain and can grow even in high humidity. The plant gives a beautiful appearance when kept in form of a dark background. According to Hindu Vaastu Shastra, when the Snake plant is kept in the Southeast direction, it can bring positivity and good luck.

You can comment below regarding any other new benefits of the Snake plant or you can ask any questions regarding the propagation and care of the Snake plant. Also, tell us what you will like to read in our coming new blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The snake plant has various health benefits and it is considered one of the best air purifier plants that can be planted inside the home. So, yes you can keep snake plants in your homes to bring positivity and remove toxic gases from your home.

As such there are no side effects of Snake Plant but they can cause a moderate numbing effect in your throat and tongue. It is strongly recommended, not to digest the snake plant. It can also cause nausea and vomiting when ingested.

Yes, if you plant a snake plant near your bedside, it can absorb the CO2 gases even during the night time which improves sleep. It also absorbs toxic substances from the air and provides a better quality of sleep.

Some benefits of a Snake Plant are –

  • Best air-purifier plant
  • Used as a home décor
  • Fight against allergies
  • Brings good luck
  • Improves the mental health of people

Yes, according to Vaastu Shastra, the Snake plant brings prosperity, good luck and progression when they are kept in the home. The benefit of snake plant as Vastu Shastra also includes progression in academics, when they are kept in the South-east direction or near the study table.

Yes, you can gift snake plants to anyone. It symbolizes that you care for the person, and their health and wish them good luck by gifting these snake plants to them.

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