Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

Air Purifier Plants in India

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

It seems sensible that people would look for new strategies to address the poor air quality given that some areas of India are engulfed in a lethal haze with frightening and dangerous levels of pollution. To ensure they are adequately protected against all poisons and dust particles, people immediately reach for masks, or some just stay at home.

One fails to realize that remaining inside isn’t the answer as the air inside your house isn’t as clean as you think. Hence, bringing home tubs of air-purifying plants that work to purify the air is a more practical, long-term, and environmentally beneficial solution.

In this blog, we are going to enlighten you on some Air Purifier plants in India and how to take care of them when kept indoors.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants in India are amazing purifiers as they remove household pollutants and several other airborne contaminants. Through the process of photosynthesis, they breathe in air pollutants, break them down, and convert them into plant nutrition.

Additionally, these air-purifying plants in India absorb contaminants from indoor air through the soil surface, transform them into plant food, and release fresh oxygen into your dwellings. These plants benefit your health and general well-being in numerous ways. They assist you to maintain a healthy balance between your mind, body, and spirit while spreading positivity around you.

Since a NASA – clean air study research in 1989 promoted the advantages of houseplants for air purification, air-purifying indoor plants have become all the rage. The study showed that plants have the capacity to decrease indoor air pollutants.

Benefits of Air Purifier Plants in India

According to studies, the average home’s air is substantially more contaminated than the air outside because of the restricted airflow. This is the reason we need air-purifying indoor plants in India at our homes and workplace. Some other benefits of air-purifying plants include:

  • The foremost benefit of air purifier plant is they help in reducing carbon dioxide level and increases the oxygen level inside the house.
  • The air purifier plant can be planted in the house, at the workplace, inside restaurants, at an exhibition, or in the gym.
  • The plants decrease the negativity, anxiety, sadness, and depression in home
  • It reduces the stress level and increases concentration
  • The concentration level helps in increasing productivity & concentration at work
  • Provides a cooling effect to the house
  • The plant’s interior looks more clean, tidy, and spacious.
  • It also helps to recover fast from mental tiredness.

Some Best Indoor plants in India For Clean Air

Many air purifier plants in India are generally grown indoors to bring positivity and happiness inside the house. Your home’s air is not any cleaner than the outdoor air. Do you wish to purify the air you breathe at home?

These 10 Best indoor plants for oxygen in India will purify the air in your home and add colour and freshness. They are also known as anti-pollution plants in India. Bring one of these homes immediately without further wait!

1. Areca Palm – Best Air Purifier Plant in India

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

Scientific Name: Dypsis lutescens

Commonly Known as: Areca Palm, Bamboo Palm, Golden Cane Palm

Plant Growth: 12 to 13 feet outdoors and 8 feet indoors

Price: The price of Areca palm depends upon the height and quality. The market price of areca palm starts from ₹50/piece and the online price starts from ₹150/ piece without Pot.

Specifications: Areca Palm is the best indoor plant in India for clean air.  It detoxifies the environment where it is kept and brings positivity to the place. They must be planted in the southwest direction if they are placed indoors.

It must be kept at your workplace, in your living room, or in some corners that help in brighten up your home. The plants require little care. Prune the leaves only if the tips are fully brown. Areca Palm can be propagated easily but with extra care.

2. Money Plant – Best Indoor Air Purifier Plant

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum

Commonly known as: Money Plant, Golden Pathos, Feng Shui, Malabar Chestnut

Plant growth: grows 6 to 8 feet tall indoors

Price: The price of a money plant is ₹30 in the market and ₹70 online without a pot. Along with Plastic pots, it can cost up to ₹100 to ₹120.

Specification: The money plant is popularly known as money plant because of the coin-like appearance of the leaves that is appears just like a Golden Coin. According to Vaastu, the money plant should be planted in the northeast direction or on the North side during the entry of the house.

These are permanent climbers that can grow up to 20 meters according to the requirement. The money plant requires very less amount of care for its growth.

3. Jade Plant

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

Scientific Name: Crassula ovata

Commonly known as: Money Tree, Lucky plant, Jade Plant

Price: The cost of a Jade plant is up to ₹50 per piece and ₹100 when bought online without a pot.

Plant Growth: It can grow between 3 to 6 feet tall with little care and is said to gain 2 inches of growth every year.

Specifications: The plant is a type of money plant which is a popular succulent plant. The leaves are fleshy and oval in shape with thick & woody stems that resemble just like small tree trunks.

The plant is believed to bring harmony & wealth in business if planted in the East direction. It can also be kept in the southeast direction at the desk.

4. Aloe Vera

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

Scientific Name: Aloe barbadensia miller

Commonly known as: Ghrit Kumari, True Aloe, Barbados Aloe

Plant growth: It is an ornamental house plant that can grow up to 2-3 feet but can increase in the width up to 5-6 feet.

Price: The price of Aloe Vera is ₹90 per piece without a pot and it costs up to ₹140 with a pot.

Specifications: Aloe Vera is the best indoor plant for oxygen in India that can thrive even in containers and bottles with little care. It requires mixed soil and very little water to grow. The aloe Vera plant is beneficial for medicinal purposes and helps in curing some diseases. The plant is mostly kept in indirect sunlight.

5. Bamboo Plant

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

Scientific Name: Bambusa vulgaris

Common known as: Bamboo, Bengal Bamboo, Spineless Bamboo, Bonsai

Plant Growth: the height of the indoor bamboo plant can vary from 1- 5 feet tall depending upon the requirement.

Price: The price of Bamboo plants starts from ₹150 which comes in transparent glass.

Specifications: The bamboo indoor plant is almost seen in all households and workplaces. These bamboo plants require a little extra care when compared to other air-purifying indoor plants in India.

The container in which they are grown must be cleaned from time to time as it can lead to a home for several microorganisms. Lucky bamboo is also gifted as an expression of love and luck. It is believed that bamboo gives happiness, long life, and wealth where they are planted.

6. Indian Basil

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

Scientific Name: Ocimum tenuiflorum

Commonly known as: Holy basil, tulsi, Tulasi

Plant growth: The plant generally grows up to 1 meter i.e. 3.3 feet in height. They are mainly grown as a perennial shrub.

Price: The price of Indian Basil starts from ₹100 when purchased from online websites and costs up to ₹60 when purchased from the market directly.

Specifications: The Indian Tulsi is a widespread plant grown in Southeast Asian countries as a medicinal plant. The Indian Basil requires little or no care to grow. It can even tolerate poorly aerated soil, along with dry to humid moisture.

The Indian Tulsi is planted in the home as it has much medicinal use and is mixed with Indian cuisine to protect health. It is also used as an indoor plant to remove stress and anxiety from people.

7. Snake Plant

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

Scientific Name: Dracaena trifaaciata

Popularly Known as: Mother in Law’s Tongue, Snake Plant

Plant Growth: the plant can grow 12 feet high when kept outdoors but can grow between 10 to 12 inches indoors.

Price: The price of a snake plant is ₹100 if the size of the plant is small and ₹140 if the size of the plant is more than 4 feet.

Specifications: The leaves of the plant appear like swords which is the reason to call it a Dragon Plant. These are evergreen perennial plants that require less heat and water to grow.

This air purifying plant in India requires less care and brings positivity to our homes. It is believed to grow in the southeast direction to absorb toxicity from the place where they are placed.

8. Peace Lily

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum

Popularly Known as: peace lily, white sails, spathe flowers

Plant growth: The total height of the plant varies from 2 to 3 feet. The flowers are 9 inches long depending upon the place and requirements.

Price: The price of peace lily starts from ₹80 per piece in the market and ₹140 when purchased online without pot.

Specifications: The plant is popularly known as peace lily because of its white colour flowers which symbolize white colour flags as peace. These are a popular choice of plants that are planted in offices and homes to bring good vibes to the place. The plant is easy to maintain indoors and can be grown without much requirement of water.

9. Spider Plant

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

Scientific Name: Chlorophytum comosum

Popularly known as: Spider Plant, Ribbon Plant, Golden Glow

Plant Growth: The spider plants are mostly 2 to 3 feet tall. The width of the plant can vary from 6 to 23 inches.

Price: The price of the Spider plant starts from ₹90 without a pot and goes up to ₹150 along with the pot.

Specifications: They are popularly known as Spider plants because of the spider-like origin of the leaves. It has long grass-like leaves with yellow or white strips in the middle. They are easy to care for and are the best air purifier plant in India. The glossy green leaves of the plant bring positivity to the workplace or at home. They are good at producing oxygen which is the main reason why they are kept indoors.

10. Thuja Plant

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifier Plants in India

Scientific Name: Thuja Occidentalis Linn

Popularly known as: White Cedar, Arbor Vitae, Thuja, Morpankhi

Plant Growth: The outdoor thuja plant can grow up to 180 to 200 feet tall but the indoor Thuja plant is generally 3 feet long.

Price: The price of the Thuja plant can start from ₹120 without pot and ₹150 along with the pot online.

Specifications: Thuja is a medicinal plant that is used mainly in homeopathy medicines. It is believed to bring happiness and wealth where they are planted. They are mostly kept on windows or the door as they require some amount of sunlight to flourish green leaves. They are also known as Morpankhi because of the origin of leaves as same as the feathers of the bird Peacock.

Caring Tips for Air Purifying Indoor Plants in India

Watering the plants, keeping them in sunlight, and providing them with organic manure are some of the basic need every gardener need to understand to keep their air-purifying indoor plants in good condition. The other care tips for these air-purifying indoor plants in India include –

  • The aloe Vera and areca palms (the best indoor plant in India for clean air) must be watered thoroughly once every two to three days.
  • Watering indoor plants like peace lilies and spider plants is necessary every other day, and they should be put in areas with sufficient lighting.
  • If planted in common soil, plants including all the varieties of money plants are more resistant to shade and can live with only twice-weekly watering.
  • All varieties of ferns such as the Thuja plant are semi-shaded plants that require regular irrigation on different days. As long as there is adequate light inside, they can be installed.
  • The snake plants can be kept indoors and only require weekly watering. They will, however, grow more effectively if exposed to the sun for a few hours every seven to ten days.
  • Water the air-purifying indoor plants only until the ground has dried out about 2 inches deep. Be aware that you will need to water your plant more frequently if you expose it to greater heat and light.


FAQ's - Related to Air Purifying Plants

Through the well-known process of photosynthesis, plants purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. Later studies discovered that air-purifying potted plants also contribute to the purification of indoor air.

Yes, the wonderful air-purifying money plant helps to purify indoor air by removing harmful compounds and dangerous radiation. It effectively eliminates indoor contaminants and brings freshness to the place.

Although It can be difficult to pinpoint the precise number of plants required to purify the air, some research suggests that at least two healthy plants for every 100 square feet of interior area are good for maintaining oxygen inside the home.

Aloe Vera is a standout among indoor plants since it can filter the air in addition to being beautiful to look at and endowed with medicinal powers. The other best air-purifying plant is the jade plant, snake plant, money plant, areca palm, Tulsi, and some others which are mentioned above in brief.

Yes, Bamboo gives a tropical atmosphere to any house and functions as both an air purifier and a natural humidifier.

Yes, by absorbing specific chemical substances in the air, jade plants purify the air in your home. Jade plants are one of the most effective when compared to other plants that have been shown to enhance indoor air quality.

Yes, Air is indeed purified by snake plants. The plant filters the air of pollutants using its leaves. It creates oxygen after eliminating the contaminants, which cleans the air.

No, not all croton is an air purifying plant but some of them can improve your mental health and has air-purifying qualities.

Areca Palm is rated as the best air purifier. They have been demonstrated to remove ammonia as well as common poisons. For those who prefer to spend more time with their plant, these air-purifying plants are perfect.

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